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Become a Teen Influencer

Join my new Influencer team to get amazing pictures, meet new teens and help lift one another up!

The last year has taken a toll on many of us, our teens have missed out on routines and sports and friends. This is a great way to get them involved in some self love and peer gratitude.

They get to work with a professional photographer on many shoots from Spring of 2021 through Spring of 2022. They can even sign up for the following year if they like. This program is open to any 7th through 11th grader. They will be invited to 6-8 shoots throughout the year most of which will be in Morgan County. They get to meet other teens and form lasting relationships. They will be entered into contests and have a chance to be published in magazines along with opportunities for scholarships. They will have social media images to share all year long. But best of all many of the teens I have photographed for an entire year say they came away with higher self confidence, seeing their true beauty as others see it and more confident in social situations. All of that for $99 a year? Can it get any better? Sign up now to see.

This years group has yet to have their official meet and greet in the spring so it is the perfect time to sign up so they can be apart of the initial team and get all of the awkwardness out together while forming a lasting bond with another peer.

Feel free to ask me any questions and lets get your kiddo signed up to a team that will help them through for a lifetime to come!

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