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Choosing a Senior Photographer

Where do you start? Who do you choose? How do you know?

Most people will search online or ask another senior parent who they used. No matter your choice of how you get there, you deffinatley want to do your homework. At minimum you should be looking up a few of the photographers in your area and choosing the style of work that you and your child like. Bad senior photos are something that will become buried and never thought of again. Senior photos you fall in love with will stand with time being displayed and shared over and over again until one day they have a senior of their own they share their photos with. Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and talk directly to the photographer you are thinking of choosing. Most will happily spend some time chatting about your wants and what they can offer via phone, text or email. Some may even offer a payment plan upon request.

Want more from your Senior Photo experience? Have you thought about a Model Rep team? Most of these are chosen by the May before your Senior Year has begun. They usually consist of several to a dozen local teens who sign with a specified photographer and agree to only have their senior photos done through them and to post their images on social media giving the company/photographer credit in their posts. In exchange they receive several to a half dozen different shoots. Sometimes themed, sometimes with hair and makeup, most with the group at the same time and shooting solos along the way. It can be a fun experience where you get to know new people, you get a variety of themes and styles when choosing your prints and your not confined to that one day of picture taking where maybe you just were not your best. Don't hesitate to ask the photographer you are inquiring with if this is something they offer. It can be a great added boost to your senior experience!

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