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Creating the best Senior Portrait Experience

So many things to think about, who will be your photographer, what will you wear, what season will you pick. The answers really are not that hard to answer and a little bit of planning and thought will make your images ones you will cherish for a lifetime to come.

How to pick a photographer, start by asking your friends who they use. Check out their images and prices and see if it is the right fit for you. If not turn to google and search senior photographers in your area. Check out their images and prices and find the one that resonates with you. Best advice, book early in your senior year! Booking early ensures you get a spot on the books with the photographer of your choice and just because you are booking in July does not mean you have to shoot in July unless you choose. As for Moments In Time, booking early means you get to jump on the model team at no extra cost. What does that mean? You get four shoots throughout the seasons instead of lumping your senior year into one shoot. We are holding our first shoot in downtown Indy in mid July for those interested.

What are you going to wear? What is your style and what makes you feel like the best you? Maybe its a mixed combination of a cute summer dress and combat boots, maybe its your favorite jeans and a soft tee. What photographs the best? Solid natural colors whites, creams, blues, browns, grays. You don't want your clothes to outshine your smile and your eyes. They should compliment you and add style to your shoot. If you are not comfortable standing, sitting, leaning and jumping in it, DO NOT WEAR IT. The tension will show in your face and there is just no way to hide that fret. Bring several outfits, and dare to layer. Make sure your clothing is wrinkle and stain free, make sure your undergarments can not be seen through your clothing, no neon pink bras with a white tee.

Pay attention to the details, hair, makeup, nails, shoes, shaving. Keep your skin soft with lotion and go for a hairstyle that you can change up a bit on the fly during your shoot. Make sure your sneakers are not covered in mud. Ladies make sure your nails are polished or bare, no chips please.

What do you love? Sports? Grandpas vintage car? Your besties personal plane? We want to capture the things that you love and that make you smile ear to ear. The best practice for this is to communicate with your photographer ahead of time, even if you think of it the night before you're shoot. Giving your photographer a little prep time ensures they can incorporate your items in the best artistic way instead of improvising on the spot.

Most importantly bring your smile and relax. Its ok to laugh and joke and move around. After all we are not photographing a mannequin! We want to see you, in all your glory, in all your marvelous beautiful imperfections that make you the perfect you. This is the last chapter of you as a "kid" your about to turn the page to adulthood. Enjoy it!

When booking with Moments In Time we also have a small style closet available upon request with a retro style red dress, tutu skirts and more, just ask. Call text or email today to start your Senior Session. mitbykimberly@gmail.com. . 765-346-9032. Senior Sessions are $150

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