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Have you hear the buzz about my Teen Influencer Team?

This is from our third Influencer and Senior Shoot with a BOHO Theme. I put in work on my end to come up with unique and exciting themes for the girls while they put in work on their end on their hair, makeup and outfits to make for a fun and exciting shoot for all.

We shoot 6-8 times a year as a group, however at each group shoot we also do individual shoots. The girls get 2 or 3 outfit changes depending on the time we have. I have a pop up tent to make changes quick and easy on location. Most of our shoots occur in or around Morgan County, Indiana. However there may be an occasional shoot that is farther away.

The girls can come to as many or few shoots as they like. However most try to make it to all shoots. Who doesn't love images to share on social? The things I ask of my team are to be kind to one another and lift each other up. This does not stop when we leave a shoot. They help encourage one another on socials and let them know how beautiful they are looking not just in my images but in their everyday posts. They are also required to post images and tag me from their shoots. Pretty simple rules for a team huh?

I do encourage them to make as many shoots as they can for the sole purpose of being comfortable in front of the camera. One or two shoots and we will get good images but when they are no longer shy around me and are comfortable with the camera that is when we get killer shots.

So why do I have this team? Several reasons but the main reason is to help build our young ladies self esteem and confidence up! These young woman are our future, the leaders and pillars in our community the next generation of mama's that will be raising the next generation. If you have not learned to love yourself and be confident then all that follows seems to way a little heavier on someones shoulders. They not only learn to see their beauty they learn to speak in front of others and to interact as a group. Not to mention when they get to senior year they will be camera ready and confident no matter who they choose for their photographer. (although I always hope to have them back on my senior team)

My seniors also shoot with this team leading the way and helping the girls to get comfortable and pull them into the group. Thus far they have been great leaders for my younger team.

My current team is in action May 2021 through May 2022. There are always shoots to get in on and its not to late to join. At this years low price of $99 you can't beat it.

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