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Looking great in senior photos!

My job of course is to make you look your best on the day of the shoot.

But, that being said, it is a two part process. Half lies in my hands through posing, lighting, and making you forget I am pointing a camera at you. The other half lies in your hands, let's look into your part.

1. Using lotion in the weeks leading up to will be a huge help for dry skin, improving your face texture, your cuticle texture and the overall appearance of skin.

2. Washing your lips with a wash cloth softly the week leading up to and following up with a chapstick nightly will improve the look of your lips keeping them moist and plump. Want whiter teeth? Try brushing with charcoal for the week leading up to it and you will see shades difference.

3. Got a pimple the day of? Do Not Touch it! It is much easier to retouch if the area is not bigger from pushing and trying to pop. Can't stand to do nothing? Dab visine onto it with a cotton swab a few times and it will lighten the red.

4. Clothes - You want to look good and you should! You also have to make sure you are comfortable in the outfits you choose. Being able to sit, stand, walk, squat comfortably will go miles in your shoot. Unfortunately photo shop can not remove tension from not being comfortable in our clothes, however I may just be able to make you forget about it! Layers, layers are great and can step up the game of an outfit from hats, to sunglasses, scarves, big chunky earrings or a necklace or jacket. If you love it bring it and we will see how we can work with it. Wrinkle free - get your clothes ready and place on a hanger, it will save you heartache later.

5. Talk to your photographer! Know what you want to include in your session before hand and talk to your photographer. From a pose you just have to have, to your sport, car, instrument anything that you really want in your portraits. It will give them time to prep and come up with the ultimate shoot for you. When you book I look at you, your social media, and if you have not given me any of the "I wants", I plan your shoot out the week before, for a few hours I will sit down and think about where and what we are shooting and lay out poses and specific locations picking what will work with your style and personality.

6. Get ready to relax and have fun. It's your special time to do you. Let go and shine through.

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