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Newborn Photos and all the secrets!

So you are expecting soon? Congratulations! It is a joyous time, a time that will fly by, you will wake up a few months down the road and wonder how it has went so quick already. Where sleepless nights are replaced by more rest and your once sleeping newborn greets you with smiles and gurgles of happiness.

You already know when your sweat pea arrives you want all of those cute sleeping newborn shots that you see swarming the internet. But before you know it the time is gone and you have no idea how to get your wiggly little one to be still for a shoot. That is why planning before they arrive will give you those sot after shots and those moments in their life that will quickly pass by. These shots are done in the first ten days of life when baby is still sleeping most of their day away and likes to curl up as if still in the womb.

To accomplish this you must plan ahead. Find your photographer and begin the conversations of what you are wanting. The shoot date picked may have to be rescheduled for an early or late arrival and that's ok. Newborn photographers are flexible in this way, as long as they know months in advance they will be shooting a newborn around this week of that month so they don't overbook themselves and don't leave wiggle room.

Rooms will be warm and accidents will happen. Don't worry, again any good newborn photographer will be prepared. Try to relax and enjoy the down time as your photographer nestles and poses your baby. They will work with you and baby till they get tired and drift off. They will wrap them and hold limbs in place until baby is ready to shoot. The more stress you feel the more baby will resist.

Those adorable shots of baby hanging in a cradle from a branch or sitting propped on hands are actually composite of several images all while keeping baby safe. Being said that they are composites (layers of similar pictures in different stages) they may not always work out. Trust in your photographer still to get amazing shots of your little one. Some can nail it every time and some are still working on it. I can own that I am still working on it. It is not everyday you have a precious newborn to work with.

Most importantly, get those prints and don't leave your images to be lost in digital history. This is a time in life you will want to remember.

Worried about an in home shoot? You don't need the most beautiful house in the world. You do need a window that produces nice light and a four or five foot area in front of it that your photographer can set up. Don't worry about the mess, they know you just delivered a new life onto this earth and some dirty laundry is the least of your worries!

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