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Selfies and Self Love

They are all the rage, and it is a great way to capture yourself. Many of us would not have photos of ourselves if it was not for the selfie!

But while my daughter was scrolling through social media not long ago she ran across a past BFF from not all that long ago. She could not believe how she barely recognized her friend and how much she had "changed". Truth be told when I looked at the image it was just a filter. She didn't believe me that the filter changed her that much so I pulled up one of my friends who very rarely shows an image without a filter. But I found one of each and she said they could be two different people.

Filters can be fun, no doubt. But when you are using them to alter your appearance and the world believes you look totally different from who you really are, where is the line in the sand?

We are all beautiful! If you don't believe it, find a photographer to show you your true beauty, the beauty that those who see you daily can see in an instance! Do not be scared to show the world you! Honey I am overweight with wrinkles creeping in and a double chin I despise. But only I can change those and they do not make me less beautiful! My eyes still sparkle and my smile can still light up a room. Truly embracing yourself is one of the keys to happiness. Own your imperfections and your flaws and no that there is so much more that is perfect with you than not.

For today put away the beauty filters and animal faces and show the world you. I don't have any filter photos but I will show you an embarsing shot of myself I just found that one of my kiddos took while I was out on a hot sweaty shoot in July. But I love, I love my silliness (not my frizzy hair) and I love what I am doing. I am ok with not being perfect!

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