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Senior Pictures...

There are many amazing milestones we will all celebrate in our life. Graduating senior year is one that leads us into adult hood to start a new journey as we spread our wings and fly.

We have all learned recently how quickly things can stop, how they can all of a sudden look different than we thought they would. How we suddenly remember those past moments that are now just a memory.

I love creating senior portraits. Working with the senior and parent to create amazing images together that they can cherish together. The images to pull an album out and reminecse of all the times you didn't even think mom noticed, to walk down your teenage days and now be two adults sharing memories together.

I have created my four seasons team just for this purpose. So as you pack your bags and head off to college, to travel the world, to set off on your own although mom will never be to far away and she will often look back on this year, these memories and hold you even closer in her heart.

I have been shooting Harmony since her Junior Prom.

Then Senior year she signed up for the Four Seasons Model Team. I am so glad she did. Although we will make up the shoots we are missing, she still has so many images to remember this year with. She images created before the world slowed down. She will have images after.

The image above was created from her first Senior session. She has done her part by bringing killer outfits that she fells great in and work for her personality and mood.

Just in her first shoot alone we were able to capture a nice variety of images. She came ready to go without fits and hair on pointe.

Her second shoot was in October of last year, it seems so far away right now. She was able to bring her doggie and we had beautiful fall colors.

One of the bonuses a Four Season Model is bonus shoots. We met up in January for some fun restaurant shoots. First we headed to Taco Bell after securing their permission.

Then after a quick outfit changed we visited the candy kitchen, did some local shopping, enjoyed a treat, played some games, watched the candy being made and grabbed some great images. The owners and staff were so nice and the treats delicious.

We still had a winter shoot to get in at this point but the snow was not working in our favor so we created some of our own and threw in a little winter feel with it.

As you can see being on the Four Season team has given her a great variety in her images thus far. We still have spring, prom and graduation images to finish. The timeline has been changed from what we planned but the destination is still the same. Mom will be able to enjoy a full album of her beautiful girl on those days she is missing her most.

If you have more questions on a Four Seasons Model shoot I would be happy to talk. Shoot me a text or email 765-346-9032 or mitbykimberly@gmail.com

I look forward to talking to you soon!

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