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Senior Portraits, What to expect?

Where do you begin? What to expect? What is your part in it?

At Moments In Time you should expect a professional yet laid back and fun shoot! After all it is your senior year. You should be ready to bring your style, your sass, your night out poise. (and the outfits to match).

I want to see you shine through in your images, the real you, the quirky you, the goofy you! Not every photo must be posed (but yes, I will be guiding you through your day, so no worries) so go ahead and laugh a little, go ahead and dance to that beat thats playing in your head. If there is something you feel self conscious about feel free to tell me before the shoot begins, trust me we all have something, we just don't let it define us. I want your input on your shoot so don't be afraid to speak up and tell me what you want. Is there an image you are dying to have? A special pose you would like to try?

On the day of your shoot it's about capturing amazing images of you! Your senior photos will reflect who you are at this time in your life, soon you will be moving forward in life journey and one day you will look back and remember the start of that journey and who you were at this moment in time.

How should you prepare? First thing is first, you must keep your skin hydrated in the week or two leading up to your shoot. This means using lotion and lip balm. Guys too. Dry skin and pealing lips can take so much away from you looking amazing on camera but with a little prep and care you will be sure to look your best. Hair cuts and dyes? Hair cuts should be done 3 or 4 days before hand so you are comfortable with your style. New dye jobs should be tested months in advance if you have never done it before so that you are not stuck with life long images of a hair dye job you rather not remember. Special attention to shaving guys is a must. Your face is the center of attention on this day and not leaving stray hairs behind will go along way so add some extra light and take a few extra minutes. Girls hair should be done so that if you would like to do different styles they can easily be changed in between in 5 minutes or less. bring your brush, hairspray and extra bobby pins along to save headaches and keep it stress free. Makeup, natural and natural are lovely on camera and help to make your features pop. Nails and toes, please make sure your polish is not chipped and ragged, you will thank yourself later.

Shoes are often overlooked. So be sure to wipe your shoes the best you can to make them camera friendly. Don't forget those dress shoes for the outfits that require it, girls heels always look good and can make you feel even more pampered.

What should you wear? Color, again I want to see your style. Choose ones that look great on you, and don't be afraid to go bold as well. Mustards and greens look great and can really add to the eyes. Don't be afraid to bring layers with you, scarves, vests and hats can add some extra fun to your images. Most importantly make sure you are comfortable in what you wear. Insecurities tend to show in your images. Big patterns usually take away from your images so I would try and steer away from those along with logos and brands for the most part.

So you have chosen your photographer, you have locations in mind and you have a sense of what you need to do to prepare. Whats next? Booking your photographer. Sitting fees are due at the time of booking. Moments In Times fees are $150 for a senior shoot and shoot time is anywhere from one to two hours depending on locations and outfit changes. After you have booked we will select your shoot day and time and go over locations. If you need help with anything please don't hesitate to ask, I will help where I can including input on outfits if needed. After your shoot you can continue enjoying life and get excited to see your images. I will have your images ready 14 days later and it will be time to select your wall art, gift prints, wallets for sharing and photo books. Your order must be placed within one week of you receiving your gallery instructions and payment will be due at that time.

Call text or email today and lets get your Senior Portraits started! 765-346-9032 or mitbykimberly@gmail.com

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