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Spring is in the air...

Or is it? We never know here in Indiana. But one thing is for sure "No winter lasts forever". Remember that when the snow comes in the next 48 hours. But in hopes the freezing nights will quickly pass and the flowers will begin blooming and as on the farm here the babies will be born. Its those brighter thoughts that will warm our hearts just as the sun warms our bodies and brings us back out into the world of our yards where we can say hello to friendly faces that may have stayed buried in the warm houses till winter passed.

What are you looking forward to this Spring? My list may be long, as I'm the type that can live in three seasons and among those three can not choose my favorite as I have a love affair with each one. But as Spring is upon us tomorrow and Mother Nature will soon follow with her warm days I have been drooling over the pretty flowers I will soon fill the porch with, the baby chicks I have yet to make room for and getting out of the studio to shoot in the warm of day with so many options at my finger tips.

Share with me your Spring bucket list and if you know of someone expecting tag them so we can work out a newborn shoot!


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