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Twins, Double the everything...except...

Twins, I have never had but this year does seem to be the year of the twins. I have shot 4 sets in the last three months for senior photos.

I can only imagine the extra everything that comes along with twins, no hand me downs no savings especially if it is your first set of kiddos.

However at Moments In Time and given where our world stands I have done a lot of giving back over the last six months from donated sessions to buy one get one half off for twin sessions. We all need a little break every now and then don't we?

There are some things I consider before giving this price break as I am still a business but I am a service industry and I want to serve my clients. If both seniors will be photographing at the same time and the same place I am able to offer this discount. I know you are unable to buy one pair of shoes or jeans for both kiddos (we do want them fully dressed), but if you can save on senior pictures I would call that a bonus!

This also allows for images of them together, which most twins love or will at least cherish at a later date.

So if you have yourself twins lets talk! I have truly loved the dynamic they bring to the table.

You can reach me via phone or text at (765) 346-9032 or email at mitbykimberly@gmail.com

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