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Wedding Photos (Or Maybe Not)

Do you see amazing bridal images but have no clue how they fit them into their wedding day? Some brides and couples choose to have an intimate shoot after the wedding to show off their amazing dresses and personalities. Do not be bound by the box of "What we think we have to do".

Maybe your wedding day will be filled with formals of all those who joined you at the alter and a few shots of you and your groom. Then you think, "Wait, I want more!" Maybe you want a personal shoot of just you and your gown in a setting that time did not a lot the day of. Why not schedule that "me" time for yourself. You already bought the gown! So now go create the images you want, the way you want! What are you waiting for?

Climb out of your box now! Call or text today and lets discuss your ideas and get a plan in place. 765-346-9032



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