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Wedding Planning

Have you used your resources and truly gotten a good feel for the money you will invest in your journey?

Yes I said journey not day.

Your investment is not just in your wedding day. It is in all the moments leading up to that day, all of the closer bonds you will form, all of the memories and laughter you will create. Then there is your day which will be filled with not just moments, but soon to be memories as you set out on creating a life of moments with your true love.

2016 poll says that the average wedding in Indiana was anywhere from $21,313 to $28,334. That was four years ago. That number looks huge, does it not? Take away the venue (which when your willing to pay for what you truly want will be spent) everything looks pretty much on target. There are so many gorgeous venues to be had right now that it is well worth doing your research and checking their reviews.

Let's look at the breakdown of the lower side of the wedding averages.

Event Planner: $1,629

They can be invaluable if you are a busy entrepreneur or have an entire theme to pull together. The scope of their work can go into great detail and they are usually a good visionary.

Average Cost Per Guest: $46

Think invites, postage, dinner, drinks, how many your venue can hold, and cake. If you have a lot of out of town guests then a welcome bag, transportation and other items can apply.

Venue: $11,336

Remember this is the average, not the nicest and not the bottom level. Venues can offer grand amenities to make your day not only unforgettable but like the princess you are on this day. They book up pretty far in advance as well if you are looking to live on the finer side of life. My heart gasps a little for the bride trying to secure dates less than a year out, nobody wants to here their hearts desire has been taken.

Photographer: $2,134

This is your average. There are still ladies and gents that will give charge $50 and click away sending you all the digitals and there are ones that will charge you $8,000 for the day where you still must purchase the grand canvas for over the mantel. As with anything you will get what you pay for with most. Just don't fall into letting your images sit on the computer or your photographers computer. Pick a special moment from your day and frame it! My middle package myself falls comfortably below Indiana's average while sill offering you an album, for a little over you can have all the bells and whistles for not only your day but before and after as well.

Flowers and Decoration: $1,708

We are talking fresh flowers here and your centerpieces, archways, pews all that those can include.

Cake: $458

Your cake will be dependent on the intricacies you are wanting and the number of people. Cake tasting! I think that some couples miss out on this cute and yummy part of the planning. Who doesn't want to go taste cake with their love?

Gown: $1,348

Gowns, oh my goodness there are so many beautiful ones on the market and so many local dress shops with their own styles. Designer Consigner in Indianapolis and Sophia's in Columbus come to mind.

Music: $993

Will they simply play a list you hand them or are they going to bring the dance floor show hyping your crowd, setting the mood with their lights, and calling out your night life cues to stay on track and have a blast.

So many things to think about, some I think we overlook and end up surprised, others may be at another end of the price scale than we expected. Being prepared lets you know what to expect and what your willing to cut and not!

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