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Your Shoot, Your Way

As your shoot approaches remember it is your day. You will get into your day what you put into it. Have you decided the feel you want your shoot to have? A desired location? Hair and makeup? Not everyone needs to match necessarily unless that is the look you are going for. But you do want everyone to flow. Don't forget about the shoes, or opt for bare feet.

Don't be afraid to have fun. In between poses you should feel comfortable to interact with your family, laugh and have fun. As long as you are listening to the photographers instructions all will be well, and during your relaxed moments they will be able to capture your family in their natural loving manner.

Also when thinking about the clothing you will choose, think what will I use these portraits for? Are they merely going to be social media files or will you create a stunning piece of wall are where you will want some of the colors in your clothes to compliment your homes decor. A little thought goes a long way in really putting your money and your photographer to work for you.

This family looks amazing in their navy outfits.

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