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Client Testimonials


Cami CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Martinsville High School Worth Every Penny! You have set the bar high for any future photos. You made this mom cry in the middle of Walmart. If anyone is on the fence to book a year with you they should just do it!


CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Emily Danville H.S. It feels amazing shooting on the team. It makes me feel more confident about myself and love myself even more after seeing the final images. I can't wait for the next shoot.


CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Madison Martinsville High School I was hesitant at first to be on the team as I am very shy, but everyone quickly made me feel welcomed and that was amazing. Kim helped me boost my self confidence and realize that I am beautiful no matter what. No one else really sees the imperfections we think we see. She has done so much for me and doesn't even truly realize it. She is sweet and easy going and walks you through each shoot. She will definitely be my photographer.


CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Abby Martinsville High School Kim shot an amazing session of me for senior photos along with my boyfriend and family. She did amazing and will definitely be my future wedding photographer as well.


CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Isabelle Martinsville High School My first shoot with Kim I was so nervous but she was so nice and walked me through every step of the shoot. Three years later on her team and now I am about to shoot senior year with her, so excited!


CLIENT TESTIMONIAL Ace Martinsville High School My first shoot with Kim was genuinely the definition of perfect and would not have been possible without her.

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