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4 Things that could ruin your senior pictures

Such a momentous session for you, and usually only outdone by your wedding photos. So let's talk about things that could potentially ruin your big day so you may be prepared. After all they say "knowing is half the battle."

First thing first, price shopping your photographer and not falling in love with their work. I don't just mean seeing one image from a session but do you have a feel for what they will deliver you. Will they pull of one stellar image with the rest looking like mom snapped them? Do yourself a favor and review their portfolio or better yet a full gallery.

A second possibility for things to go awry is a parent who is criticizing during the shoot. By all means all photographers should be comfortable about chatting about their craft and why we are doing something. The parent could even be criticizing their child. Let's face it we all have those moments where we don't agree what are teen is doing or the hairstyle they have chosen. But rather than picking at them you can both get what you want by genuinely complementing their outfit or posing and asking at the end if they would do a timeless photo as well that you can look back on for many years to come along with their personality photos. After all they will not be under your roof forever.

On a very rare occasion you will get a teen who will just not let their guard down. They have one outfit, one facial expression and one mood portrayed. If your photographer is an introvert and not very chatty it might prove impossible and your photographer wanting to give up. Some of us never give up, will pull from our depths to find a connection and create genuine images of your child.

The fourth way to have ruined senior photos is to simply not show up. So go have fun, let your hair down, and play the part of a model for a day.

Most of all enjoy this year, it will seem like it's dragging until you reach gradation day as you scramble finding yourself to hold onto the memorable bits you will be learning behind.

If you find yourself in Indiana and would like to book senior pictures, send me a message.


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