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How to coordinate fall family photo outfits.

First you will want to decide on your base color with one or two accent colors. Say terra cotta is your chosen base color you love (which probably means that will be moms outfit) then you can choose to add in white and a dark green.

Of course you pick out moms outfit first because after all we must be feeling beautiful for it relate in our photos, so you choose this cute jumper for yourself mom.

If you have a younger little you could put him in this cute outfit picking up the white from your shirt and your other add in color of green.

If your little man is in the toddler range this 3 button sweater with a pair of jeans still has him matching momma yet is a look all of his own.

Dad would look amazing next to you in this dark green flannel and with a white undershirt and top bottom left undone he is on point to match for a dream shoot.

We can not forget about baby girls who look the cutest looking similar to moms outfit, toss in a dark green bow and she's living the best of both worlds.

You don't want everyones outfit to be completely matching but to pick up details of one another ensemble to harmonize and give your fall family photos that extra punch.

As a photographer I often build out outfits for my clients based on their needs and most often will send them links just like the ones posted above when they are in need of inspiration. If you find yourself in Indiana or would like to come have a shoot you can check out my work As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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