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The Mitbykimberly Influencer Team

Good morning sunshine! I wanted to take a few minutes to try and answer any questions about my team, what we do, and what's in it for you.

My current team stays with me through May so we finish out the school year together.

My new team is signing up now and applications are due Friday January 5th. We begin shooting in February and shoot through May 2024.

Why do I overlap my teams?

It's simple, my current team helps take the pressure off girls shooting for the first time. They welcome them on our big shoot day, they are not nervous like a first time shooter but can still remember how they felt that day, the new girls get to watch the posing and interactions with a seasoned model and gain a little insight of where they will be in a year.

What happens after I sign up?

After I receive your application I will reach out to you and your parent, see if either of you have any questions, get your first invoice sent out (it will be due the end of January) As soon as it is paid I will add the student to my Instagram group where they will get all the shoot details, share outfits for shoots, ask their teammates for a ride or advice. Then I will add parents to my messanger group where they get shoot details and dates.

Our first big shoot is February 20th at a local wedding barn. I bring in about 50 prom dresses size 4-22 the girls can choose from. The girls bring any dresses they have, any shoes to wear with dresses from heels to combat boots, jewelry and any extras. I usually have a makeup artist and hairstylist on hand at the venue the girls can hire at a discounted rate ahead of time. Or the girls can get ready on their own at the venue or at home. Parents bring a snack to share with the group or drinks. I spend about 6/8 hours shooting the girls around the venue as they change in and out of dresses.

Parents are more than welcome to stay and help by capturing video, zipping dreeses, ect. Or they may choose to drop their girls off. I do ask no boyfriends on this day as teenagers in and out of dresses is a lot.

After the shoot sneak peeks start to roll out by the following day (I love to be tagged in the girls and parents sneak peeks as well) 2/4 weeks later I will send out links for your album where you can download and share your images.

The rest of the year most shoots will be done over 2/3 days with the girls signing up for the day/time that works best for them.

Above all else, we have fun! I always love feed back from my girls. If they are not liking something about their images they just have to reach out. It usually takes 2/3 shoots before the girls really start to feel comfortable and let their guard down.

This year we will have a volunteer opportunity for a shoot which looks great on those college applications. We will also be working to secure an online partnership for modeling. Currently we partner with a local boutique for a discount for one item per shoot, when used parents and child should post and tag vendors to show them love and appreciation.

Most of my girls stay with me for several years they love it so much. Plus senior year includes so much more.

What have past teammates walked away with?

Miss E seen herself in such a new light she decided to join pageants after a lifetime of her mom trying to convince her. She finally seen herself in that beauty. She also went on to win centerfold and six crowns.

Miss M emailed me and said after our second shoot I finally looked at my images and loved everything about my body I had hated for so long.

Miss H who all the girls thought was beautiful and confident wrote me to say how nervshe was and didn't know if she would like the team as she was usually solo, but said the girls were so welcoming and uplifting she hated to graduate and leave the team.

Miss H said she didn't feel like my average model upon signing up but that I treat them all like a supermodel and she soon seen her beauty through my lens.

Miss I took away a four page spread in a magazine, $500, and the chance to do a local community project.

The list could go on and on but I am sure you get the idea. So know that you are perfect just the way you are and I would love to have you sign up. Just send me a message on one of the socials and I'll send you an application.

Side note: I have shot Danville, Decatur, Plainfield, Center Grove, Blooming, Martinsville, online schoolers, homeschoolers and trade schools. Most girls have jobs and competing scheduling filled with extra curricular and they still make the team work.

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