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What it means to be on the team

We are already two months into 2022 which means we just had our first shoot for the 22/23 Seniors and Influencers. 21 girls, yes you read that correct. I had the pleasure of shooting 21 amazingly wonderful girls. 7 of them were completely new to the team.

They brought their formal dresses, shoes, jewelry and sports gear while I provided options for hair, makeup, spray tans and more formal dresses. They got ready at the venue while I set up cameras and got ready to shoot. This gave the girls the chance to mingle and get to know one another before they began shooting. New comers could ask questions to other girls who had already shot before.

I have heard how much they loved the shoot, loved the gowns, and are stocked to see their final images. One young lady told me how it was the genuine definition of a perfect day for her. Sign up for Seniors and Underclassmen are always in January before Senior year ever begins. If there is space left on the team I will reopen signups in May for Seniors and the first week of June if I still have room for underclassmen.

If you do not make it on the team and would still like Senior Pictures I do offer sessions beginning at one hour.

Be sure to follow @mitbykimberly on Instagram and Moments In Time by Kimberly on Facebook for all the latest updates and for to know when sign ups are. This is truly an experience like non other. Just ask one of the girls.


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