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Why be an MITBYKIMBERLY influencer?

Obviously you want pictures! Creative pictures, traditional pictures, trendy pictures.

But what about you? How are you doing? Are you still learning to love your legs, nose, eyes, stomach? Let me show you the beauty the rest of us see through my lens.

Maybe you are looking to expand your friends outside of your school. I have girls from 7 counties that travel over an hour for shoots.

Are you interested in a true modeling career or working with brands? I am teaching my team how to work with brands and in less than two weeks there have been four deals made and they got free products to review!

Want to be published in a magazine? Most girls make it in at least one publication a year on my team and some have made it into eight different ones. These are international print magazines.

Not to mention all the laughs and fun we have on our shoots, the local boutique discounts and so much more.

Middle school through seniors apply now, affordable monthly payment plans available and an endless experience for high school awaits you!

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